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The moonlight looks good on you.

Elliot Fintry, Saving Elliot  (via larmoyante)
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For reasons of not wanting to down my sister’s first tailgatefungame day, or downing my mother’s, and for lack of patience to explain this crap to my good friend while she’s also stressing about work, 

I’m just going to lay here one simple sentence.

I am having a nice time as a tourist with the beautiful sights in Colorado, but this week, I am motherfucking frustrated with people. 

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Want to read about something (minorly) crazy?
A bear came by, knocked over the trash bin and relocated some trash last night. We spent a few minutes of the morning cleaning it up and hiding the trash until pickup comes tomorrow morning. Also spotted two deers around the house this morning. Two ladies and a kid, jogging on the road, stopped by to give the deer a nice morning greet! *baby voice talk* “Hello deer! Good morning to you deer! Hey there~~~ yes, hello little deer”
A pretty cute&funny sight to see.

Later in the day, we came across a surprising lot of German/German-speaking tourists! Almost everywhere we stopped, there was a family or couple present! ..?! Colorado, who’dve guessed? On the Seven Falls map, there were the pinmarks of some visitors from Taiwan too! Even more surprisingly larger crowds from central & southern California

'Cowboying up' later after that, I tried some chocolate covered jalapeños from the local Chocolate Factory store. Boy oh boy.
Not as nicely interesting as I thought, but it was an experience alright TuT)/

So incredibly lackluster-feeling right now after losing post1 & the following drawn-out second portion of today.

But yay Colorado.
Speaking about the sweet smalltown people and sights themselves,
It’s been a pretty sweet stay.

Colorado is 2 hours behind Georgia.
And Georgia is 6 hours behind X.

Best to all,

And good freaking night.

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Arrived yesterday, with trips and fumbles to tell about later, but anyway-

Colorado Springs is where it’s at. ;) 

This is where deer crossing signs actually mean something - 1 deer just hopping along, then 5 more on the one sidewalk down the road… this is within like 30s that we see them all. my dad calls out/yells at one, and it just stays calm. stares my dad’s face off. too used to humans here.

Nice, cool weather. 

Pictures… later gator.

B-fast time. adios!

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fu4ze2 replied to your post “fu4ze2 replied to your post “Suits Talk.” i didnt watch it yet lol oh…”

still havent watched it. LOL IDEK Y I’m usually like the hardcore suits fan. hmmm OK ILL WATCH IT TODAYY

Hahahahha I’m def slow on this reply, but yeah, no… totally excused from the hardcore-ing this season…. 

& right?! (to the other reply) that really was alll I could tell them… sigh. so sad. 

come onn season 5! bring on the good stuff!!

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whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”

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